Hyderabad City Tour by Taxi

We at Hyderabad Taxi Station bring an exciting amalgamation of Hyderabad City Tour by Private Taxi, offering a wide array of tour choices. With us by your side, you can experience Hyderabad and sightseeing it’s wonderful places in a comfortable and hassle free way.

As we understand that every traveler has a different interest, we have designed various kinds of Hyderabad city tours catering to everyone. We help you to sightseeing Hyderabad in a way you want to with our Hyderabad city tours by private taxi.

Explore its hidden gems with your partner or visit the popular attractions in Hyderabad with your family, go on a culinary Hyderabad tour and taste the authentic or take your kids on our kids special Hyderabad tours; there are umpteen number of choices to explore Hyderabad with us.

Our city tour by taxi, helps you in seeing the city of Hyderabad with an entirely new perspective. Travel around the city of Hyderabad in a way you are comfortable with our comfortable sedan and SUVs.

You can just take one of our luxury taxi and hop off at any place you want to explore more. Along with this, if interested travelers can also choose a taxi of their choice like Toyota Innova, Dzire, Etios, etc.. and commute between various attractions of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Taxi Station also offer customized Hyderabad city tour package through mini van and buses for large group travel. For those, who are looking for a unique traveling experience, we have Hyderabad sightseeing via our special auto rickshaws as well.

We have tour packages for entire day or even for 2-7 days. Our museum tours by private taxi and historical city tours of palaces and tombs like Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Paigah Tombs along with museums such as Salar Jung Museum, Nizam’s Museum, etc. present a glimpse into the grandeur of Hyderabad’s past.

Our Food tour of Hyderabad brings traditional and ages old cuisines onto your plate, while our shopping tours brings the best of shopping in Hyderabad with choices varying from pearls, precious stones to laad bangles to perfumes and many more.

Hyderabad Taxi Station night and evening tour let you explore the sparkling beauty of this city even during the late hours of the night. For adventure lovers we have rock climbing tours as well as other activities such as paragliding, boating ,etc.

While for nature enthusiasts, KBR National park, Sanjeevaiah Park, NTR Gardens are a few of the ideal places to visit. A tour to the lakes of the city and enjoying the breathtaking sunset and sunrises Hussain Sagar Lake, Durgam Cheruvu, Osman Sagar will leave you entranced.

We also have mixed heritage walk tours to the old city, where every street, every house has a story to tell. We have a wide range of city tours, exploring every possible aspect of Hyderabad. We offer you the facility of customizing a city tour by private taxi.

You can choose to customize you tour package for Hyderabad with taxi and add any sightseeing place of or choice or activity that you would like to do. Have a personalized experience of traveling around Hyderabad with our customized city tour packages. If you are looking for tour packages with hotel stay as well, check out these tours from Hyderabad Tourism

You can choose the way you want to spend the time in Hyderabad – whether you want to see all the major Hyderabad attractions or would like to just see a few places at leisure, whether you want to spend more time shopping or want to relive the royal life of Nizams.

Pick a Hyderabad city tour by taxi from our extensive list of packages to discover how easy and time efficient it is to go for Hyderabad sightseeing as well as trying activities in a single city tour. Have a look at our comprehensive list of Hyderabad city tour packages and choose a package that suits you the most.

Plan your trip to Hyderabad without compromising on your time. Call us right away!